Jumat, 06 Maret 2015

iPhone 6s supposed with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and Apple SIM

What changes will bring the iPhone 6s? Recent rumors that it will actually get first 2 gigabytes of memory - and be equipped with the Apple SIM. AppleInsider claims to have learned from sources close to Apple that the iPhone 6s - like the iPhone 6s Plus - to draw level in two ways with the iPad Air 2. On the one hand should be like the current iPad model comes with 2 gigabytes of memory, the new iPhone. The size of the RAM of the iPhone has not changed since the iPhone 5; since it is 1 gigabyte, previously worked iPhones with 512 gigabytes of memory. In addition, Apple sources according to which the site will also transmit another iPad Air-2 feature to the iPhone: The new models will be standardly equipped with Apple's SIM. The Apple-SIM is a separate SIM card by the manufacturer to which a provider can be selected in the port. So far, however, this only works in the US and UK, and also not with all network providers. However, it is clear Apple's goal to become independent of mobile operators - and the iPhone 6s could make a further step in this direction. Perhaps then in other countries.